Perfect shot: Man in Hangzhou has 200 Polaroid cameras

20180914170624 If give you a chance to do business, what products will you choose to sell? Let’s look at this amazing guy.

A guy called Yu Ji, is a post-90s man from Hangzhou, China. He open the first Polaroid cameras shop in the Eastern China city.

It”s said he got his first Polaroid camera in 2011.  In the next 7 years, he spent $43822 buying more than 200 cameras in Japan and USA, becoming a Polaroid enthusiast. The oldest camera in his shop has a history of 60 years.

However, in the era of interest, social media and smartphones have made digital pictures the mainstream. Many people prefer smartphones or digital SLR cameras to take pictures.  Even Polaroid has only few brick-and-mortar stores in China.

Are the days of shaking those Polaroid pictures over? Yu said the olaroid market is a niche market, but it doesn’t mean instant cameras are dead, and his target customers are those true lovers.

20180914170727What Yu Ji said is right. From the perspective of the lovers, polaroid cameras are always classical and precious. they not only stand for  the trend of an era, but record people’s enjoyable time with the instant photos which you can collect and take a look after some years. Maybe by that time, you will feel everything is more memerable. For the bussiness, maybe Polaroid cameras lack of some market competition. After all, people are always pursuing the fashion of the time.

From my point of view, if You are not very eager to earn money from a shop, you can do like YuJi. To be honest, it can be a kind of fun and mood in people’s life.

Anyway, let’s hope Yu Ji can find more polaroid cameras lovers to share fun together.






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Post time: Sep-14-2018
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