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GJT sport action camera APP problem

Here is a new app Ez-iCam and it's compatible with your camera.

The Ez-iCam DV App allows you to control your camera remotely using a Smartphone or tablet with features including full camera control, live preview, photo playback and sharing of select content and more.

1. Download the Ez-iCam DV to your Smartphone or tablet the Google Play or Apple App Store.
2. Press the Power/Mode Button to power camera ON.
3. Make sure the camera is in Camera modes.
4. Press the Down/Wi-Fi Button to turn on Wi-Fi*.
5. In your Smartphone or tablet’s Wi-Fi settings, connect to the network for GJT action camera followed by a series of numbers.
* Please make sure you disconnect your phone with your home WiFi or phone data service first, then pair with your camera.
6. Enter the password “1234567890”.
7. Open the Ez-iCam DV App on your Smartphone or tablet.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and look forward to hearing from you.

How to format SD card?

1.Connect your Micro SD to your computer using the appropriate adaptor.
2.Open My Computer by clicking on the Start button and clicking Computer – or by holding down the Windows key and the letter E on your keyboard at the same time.
3.Make sure you can see your hard drives in the main window of My Computer, as in the image above. If you can't see your drives, click on Computer from the left-hand menu.
4.When you see your drives, you will see your SD card listed under Devices with removable storage. Right-click on your SD card to view the context menu.
5.Click on Format... to view the formatting options.
6.Make sure that the File System is set to FAT32, which is the default for Windows 7 and newer PCs. Some older versions of Windows may offer to use FAT, which is also OK – but the most important thing is not to use NTFS, as your phone will not recognize that file system.
7.Tick the box next to Quick Format. This will limit the formatting process to the bare essentials, making the whole process much faster.
8.Finally, when you're ready, press the Start button and wait for the progress bar to fill up. When it's finished, remove your Micro SD card and plug it back in to your Smartphone!

Does it have a build built-in microphone?

Yes, the camera has built-in microphone.

Is there a way to pair the remote with the camera?

You can direct use the remote to take the photo or record the video,just point to the camera and press the button.

What is the warranty for our action camera?

We provide one year warranty for our camera.

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