Connector: Power Lifting

Efferding offers the following quick tips for maximizing results over the next 10 weeks.

Recovery is paramount.

“Sleeping and eating are where all the growth and repair occur. I get at least eight quality hours of sleep nightly. Use a dark, quiet room and keep the temp under 70 degrees.”

Go vertical.

“For nutrition, I use the ‘vertical diet,’ with these top priorities: red meat for proteins, salt all my meals, potatoes and spinach daily for potassium and magnesium, egg yolks daily, Greek yogurt, bone broth, and vitamin D3 daily, white rice to drive carbs as needed.”

Boost your T.

“You should consider adding a testosterone booster into your supp regimen. It can aid in strength production by increasing free testosterone while suppressing estrogen, resulting in higher aggression and greater anabolism. Look for a product that contains scientifically backed, herbal T boosters such as fenugreek seed extract and ashwagandha root extract.”